Air Induction Service

Fuel & Air Induction System Service

Restore your vehicle to peak performance with an Air Induction Service. At Good Works Auto Repair, our trained technicians can perform an air induction service on your car particularly when your car is not performing properly, hesitating or exhibiting signs of emissions problems.

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How does Air Induction help my car AND the environment?

The stress and heat in your engine cause a buildup of carbon and varnish, and the deposits that are crusted on form a barrier and act as a sponge, soaking up fuel and restricting air flow. The result is poor engine efficiency, higher levels of toxic emissions and more stress and wear on your engine. We flood your engine with gasses that contain special cleaning agents into the intake manifold while the engine is running. This agent actually removes and dissolves the deposits emitting them out of your car’s tail pipe.

This Air Induction Service can help your car perform in a like new condition!

  • Boosts fuel efficiency as less fuel is wasted and soaked up by crusted containment s.
  • Reduces harmful pollutants that are emitted from your car.
  • Prolongs the overall life of your car’s engine – since it allows your engine to perform with less stress.
Is it time to change your car air filter?