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Oil Changes

Oil Change in Tempe & Mesa

Having your oil and oil filter changed is likely to generate the single biggest return on your routine-maintenance investment. Replacing the dirty oil and filter will help protect the internal parts of the engine from premature wear. It’s important to use the recommended grade of oil for your vehicle at each oil change, for the best protection and fuel mileage.

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What We Do During
an Oil Change

Most mechanical failures can be traced to neglected maintenance. Because of this, every time we change your oil and oil filter, we don’t just change your oil, also we top off all of your car’s fluids, lubricate the chassis, doors and hinges, and also perform a 24-point inspection which includes:

  1. Check Fluid Levels
  2. Check Tire Wear Condition
  3. Check Multi Rib Belt
  4. Check Engine Coolant Hoses
  5. Check Horn, Headlight and External Lighting Systems
  6. Check Windshield Wipers
  7. Check the Suspension
  8. Check the battery

    How Often We Recommend
    an Oil Change

    We recommend oil changes every three months or 3,000 miles.

      Oil Changes