Can I Put Off an Oil Change?

by | Feb 22, 2019

Most vehicle owners realize that a regular oil change is important to their vehicle’s longevity, but oftentimes they push it off longer than they should. We realize that taking the time for preventative vehicle maintenance  isn’t always the most convenient – you have a busy life! We understand, BUT waiting too long can lead to even bigger headaches.

Putting off an oil change for too long starts to affect the oil pressure and other components of the engine. That hour or so you saved in your busy day, can lead to days of inconvenience and lots more money out of your pocket for repairs.

What Happens If You Skip an Oil Change?

So maybe you decided to skip your oil change this month – or six, what’s really going to happen?  Well, check out the following video and see!


Obviously, this woman waited way too long to change her oil and it did a number on her vehicle. Her oil filter had to be replaced (more than one time) because the oil in the engine could not circulate. In fact, it was so bad that she had to pay for FOUR oil changes instead of just one! The gunk that had built up in her engine was just insane. We ran cleaners through three times and continued to replace the oil filters because of the amount of sludge buildup.

Do I Have To Follow an Oil Change Schedule?

It’s exceptionally important to follow the recommended oil change schedule listed in your vehicle’s user’s manual. Waiting until the check engine light comes on, or when you start to hear and smell some strange things, is waiting way too long! It’s also important to keep track of the miles you drive. Some commuters travel long distances every day so will need to have oil changes at shorter TIME intervals than others. They may travel 3,000 miles per month, whereas it may take someone else 4-5 months to hit the 3,000-mile mark.

We know this story isn’t the norm, thank goodness – but it does teach us all a VERY important lesson. Make sure you follow your recommended oil change schedule. Don’t just keep putting it off until your car starts complaining.

Fortunately, all of the engine codes went away once the oil filter was finally clean. Her driveability issues were also resolved with the addition of clean oil. Believe us, your vehicle will run smoother, work better and be happier and safer when you maintain it properly. If you’re ready for an oil change, contact us today so we can get started!



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