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Can I Put Off an Oil Change?

Most vehicle owners realize that a regular oil change is important to the life of their vehicle, but oftentimes they push it off longer than they should. We realize that having to take the time for some preventative maintenance on your vehicle isn’t always the most...

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Are Your Headlights Road Trip Ready?

Many of us drive once the sun goes down, and as the days get shorter, it becomes more apparent that we will need our car headlights more now than ever. You might not think about it very often, but they really are an important safety feature of our vehicles. If they...

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Water Damage Repaired Right

It may not be the most common auto repair that our repair shop sees here in Arizona, but we have had some instances where drivers needed us to help after water damage to their vehicle. In many parts of the country, heavy rains have taken a toll on vehicles. From water...

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Symptoms of A Bad Car Starter

There are few things more frustrating in life than a vehicle that won’t start when you need it to. Most people have experienced this at one point in their driving lifetime or another. It may have been the battery, but in some cases, it may have been your starter....

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Protecting Your Transmission Over Time

When something goes wrong with your vehicle, it can create a sense of worry, panic, and fear. You feel it deep inside your stomach. How much will the auto repairs cost? Can I afford the work? How will I pay my bills? How long will I be without my vehicle? Natural to...

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Happy Customers:

“I appreciated the time that Glen took to explain things to me, explain why things needed to be done and also the time to show me! It means alot when the mechanics can take the time to show you what is happening and also to take the time to show you.”

Lisa B.

“We’ve been coming to your shop for about three years now and you never let us down. We continue to appreciate your high level of customer service and will continue to send our friends your way. Thanks again!”

Larry O.

“I appreciate the great work that you do. I especially appreciate knowing if I am going on an out of town trip, that my car has been examined meticulously. Last year, I was planning an out of town trip to Flagstaff; you discovered that my battery was about to expire. I was able to replace it before leaving. Thanks!”

James C.