Our Mission

The Good Works Business Philosophy

Mission Statement

To redefine the public’s perception of our industry, by building relationships and delivering an exceptional service experience, one repair at a time!

Why We’re Fundamentally Different

The following fundamentals define the values, behaviors, principles, and practices that are the fabric of our unique culture. It elaborates on how we relate to each other, our clients, and even our suppliers. It characterizes who we are, and it drives our extraordinary successes.

Our Fundamentals



It’s What You Do When No One’s Looking That Counts

We best serve our clients by always being truthful. We will always seek to understand the needs of our clients, employees, and those of the business. We will focus on what is best for everyone, remembering that we are serving the One who is greater than us all!



Practice A+ness as a Way of Life

Make Excellence a personal priority. Take pride in everything you touch and everything you do. From the way you answer the phone, to the way you write a work order. From the way you service a vehicle, to the way you fill out your paperwork. Always pause and ask yourself, β€œIs this my BEST work?” Remember; β€œAbsolutely everything speaks to our clients and everything you touch has your signature on it. SIGN IT IN BOLD INK!”


Be a Member of a Winning Team

There is no β€œI” in TEAM, or the word TEAM is better defined as an acronym;

  • Together
  • Everyone
  • Achieves
  • More

Be a team player and don’t be concerned about who gets or doesn’t get the credit or the blame. Make sure every decision is based solely on what would be best for the team, our clients and/or our business goals.


Demonstrate Passion for the Good Works "MISSION"

Clients come to us seeking solutions to their problem. Oftentimes they’re worried, troubled, heart-broken and vulnerable. Listen to and understand their concerns. People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care. Offer them the peace of mind that comes from knowing they have a friend on their side. Devote your unbridled energy, enthusiasm, compassion and passion to helping them resolve their issue.


Process, Process, Process

Seek to formulate, adhere to, and practice systems and processes that support our ability to perform with flawless consistency.


Get It Right the First Time

Don’t take shortcuts. The goal is to get things β€œRight” not simply to get things β€œDone”!

Our clients are counting on us, and we are counting on each other. Learn to communicate with absolute clarity, so as to not be misunderstood. Setting and asking for expectations means painting a verbal picture of the end result. Never set expectations that can’t be achieved. Follow up on yourself and others to ensure the end result meets or exceeds the expectation. Listen intently, giving your full attention to the speaker, setting aside our prejudices, preconceived conclusions and judgments. Always speak the unvarnished truth, coupled with diplomacy and grace.


Practice Blameless Problem Solving

Treat mistakes as learning opportunities! Focus on the following questions:

  • What are the best solutions to solve the problem?
  • What have we learned to keep us from repeating the same mistake?
  • How will we integrate that learning into new behaviors and practices?

Be a Solution-Seeker, Not a Problem-Dweller

Focusing on problems drains energy. Apply your creativity, spirit, and enthusiasm toward the development of solutions.


    Seek to Create Win/Win Solutions

    Learn to see things through other people’s eyes. Discover what others need and find solutions that meet their needs while still fulfilling your own. Win/Win solutions are always a longer lasting and more satisfying than win/lose solutions.


    Be Punctual

    Be on time for all appointments, phone calls, meetings and promises. The manner in which you manage time sends a message about how you relate to other commitments.

    Punctuality is a symbol of RESPECT!


    Get the Facts (JACK)

    There’s always more to a story than you think. Practice asking questions and gathering the facts before jumping to conclusions. Seek out what other information that might give you a more complete picture.


    Take Personal Responsibility

    Identify what you don’t know and find a way to learn it. Ask for what you need and take full responsibility for your own success. There’s no room for victims in a high-performance organization.


    Appearance Counts

    Your personal appearance makes a strong statement about the pride you take in your work. The appearance of our office and shop makes a similar statement about the quality of our company. Take personal responsibility to ensure that everything the client sees is clean, neat and professional. It’s not someone else’s job. IT’S EVERYONE’S JOB!


    Keep Things Fun!!

    Laughter is like oil which helps to keep things running smoothly, without grinding. When we stop having fun, we lose the passion, energy, and enthusiasm to help people achieve their dreams. Be light-hearted and smile. Laugh daily and Laugh often!


    We Are Family

    We care deeply about and support each other. This includes our associates, our clients, and our suppliers. Seek out ways to be supportive and cultivate life-long relationships.