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How Often Should You Wash Your Car For Ultimate Vehicle Health?

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How to Prevent Catalytic Converter Theft

offer of the month dec 2020
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Lifetime Battery Warranty

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Careers at Good Works Auto Repair in Tempe, AZ

Why is Good Works Auto Repair the best in the industry? Easy, itโ€™s because of our employees. We know that it is impossible to make our customers happy if our employees arenโ€™t happy. Thatโ€™s why we lock up the shop on weekends, do our best to work with our employeesโ€™ schedules, and provide a caring, respectful work environment. The Good Works team isnโ€™t just about working together, weโ€™re more like a family โ€“ a family with common values like honesty, integrity, and a genuine interest in the lives of those in whom we come in contact. To some, it might sound corny, but if you get a real sense of satisfaction from doing a job right โ€“ every repair, every time โ€“ youโ€™ll fit in well with our family.

How Often Should You Wash Your Car

How Often Should You Wash Your Car For Ultimate Vehicle Health?

If you take exceptional care of your vehicle, your friends may accuse you of being obsessively compulsive. Thatโ€™s okay! Whether you wash your car frequently or religiously follow your vehicleโ€™s recommendedย preventative maintenance schedule, youโ€™re doing what it takes to protect your investment and make it last as long as possible.

While your carโ€™s maintenance schedule is typically dictated by its manufacturer or yourย trusted mechanic, is there a guideline for how often you should wash your car? Should you wash it every week? How about twice a month? Every other month?

Hereโ€™s a hint: itโ€™s NOT every other month, but the answer to this question isnโ€™t necessarily the same for everyone.


Factors That Influence How Often You Should Wash Your Car
When determining the appropriate car wash schedule forย yourย vehicle, here are some questions to ask:

How often does your vehicle get driven? If youโ€™re a homebody and hardly ever leave the house, your vehicle doesnโ€™t have much of a chance to get dirty, especially if you park it in your garage. Wash your car once a month and you should be good to go. On the other hand, if youโ€™re like most people who drive to and from work regularly, travel frequently, or use your vehicle for errands, we recommend washing your vehicle every two weeks.

What kind of water do you wash your vehicle with? If you live in the southwest where hard water is common, you may notice water spots on your vehicle when youโ€™re done washing it. Thatโ€™s because residue from hard water minerals stays behind once the water has evaporated. It may also take more soap or detergent to actually get your car clean. Even if you wash with soft water, sodium may get left behind and cause spots to remain on your clean car. You could wash your car more frequently or a better solution would be to simply dry your vehicle after washing.

GWAR Water Hardness Map

Where do you drive your vehicle? Are you one of those people who thinks that good fun is spending the weekend off-roading with your vehicle? Or, maybe you live in an area where there are dirt roads or you work in a dirty environment, such as at a construction site. Once-a-week car washing would certainly not be out of the question if these situations describe you. On the other hand, washing your vehicle every other week could be sufficient if you drive mostly on paved roads.

Get the Best Auto Repairs and Maintenance in Tempe, AZ

Washing your car on a regular basis is a great way to keep its exterior in great shape but itโ€™s not the only thing you should do to protect your investment. Remember to schedule routine maintenance at yourย local auto repair shopย as recommended by your trusted mechanic or vehicleโ€™s manufacturer. Catch small problems before they become big ones and youโ€™ll save yourself a headache, the inconvenience of a vehicle breakdown, and keep more money in your wallet.

Simply give us a call orย schedule an appointmentย online today!


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How To Prevent Catalytic Converter Theft

Catalytic Converter Theft is on the rise! Here are three ways that Good Works Auto Repair is helping customers protect their catalytic converters and wallets!


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Good Works Auto Repair is happy to offer fleet repair and fleet services to the Greater Phoenix Area, including Tempe and Mesa. If you are looking for an Auto Repair shop that puts customer satisfaction first, Good Works is the repair shop for your fleet services and repair. Good Works Auto Repair promises to make your fleet a priority. Call our Tempe/West Mesa office today and receive priority scheduling for your next fleet service or repair.

We know how important your fleet is to your bottom line. We know that even one vehicle down costs you time, money, and customer satisfaction. Good Works Auto Repairย fleet serviceย promises that your fleet is our priority. You automatically receive priority scheduling, convenience, and a partner in keeping your fleet on the road!

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