Car maintenance can sometimes be expensive and time consuming. However, oil changes and periodic checkups aren’t the only important things to remember on your vehicle.

Commonly Overlooked Car Maintenance Services

Preventative maintenance on your car can end up saving you thousands of dollars in the long run. Yes, sometimes it can be the last thing on your list of priorities. But, saving up and having these services done on your vehicle can really benefit you and your wallet in the years to come. Here are some of the most important, but also most commonly overlooked car maintenance items …

Power Steering Service

Have you ever heard a high-pitched whine coming from the power steering pump? Servicing your power steering can sometimes be overlooked and forgotten. However, it is very important. Over time, the fluid in your power steering system can pick up dirt and moisture, clogging the steering components and leading to power steering failure. Periodically flushing the system and adding a power steering fluid additive will help maintain your system and keep it running at its top performance for longer.

Transmission Service

Another overlooked car maintenance item is transmission service. Oftentimes, when your transmission breaks or stops working, this can be a costly fix. Maintaining your vehicle’s transmission can prevent this from happening and also prevent stress on you and your wallet. Performing a transmission flush on your vehicle can be very beneficial and is recommended every 30,000 miles. Manual transmissions can go a little bit longer between services. If your vehicle hasn’t had a transmission flush before and it is high in miles, it is recommended to have one done on a regular basis.

Wheel Alignment

Having a proper wheel alignment affects how the car handles, tire life, and the condition of suspension components. Hitting curbs is an easy way to jar the alignment on your vehicle. When your vehicle’s wheel alignment is not correct, your car could potentially pull to one side or the other, steer erratically, or lead to uneven and premature tire wear. Scheduling an annual wheel alignment will improve your vehicle’s safety and extend tire life.

Brake Service

Brakes are a very crucial part of every vehicle’s safety and function. Brake fluid can absorb water out of the air. This corrodes the internal workings of the hydraulic system. If your brake fluid is a dirty, dark brown color, it is old and should be flushed and replaced with new fluid. A simple dip-strip test can tell you this information.

Professional Help Prevents Overlooked Car Maintenance

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