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5 Reasons to Pursue an Automotive Career

by | Aug 19, 2021

Maybe you started playing with Matchbox cars before you could walk. Or, perhaps you love solving problems, working with your hands, and spending a weekend tinkering with your vehicle. Do you love new cars, classic oldies, or pretty much anything on wheels? If any of these sound like you, an automotive career could be in your future!

Whether you’re still in high school, or currently employed but looking to change career paths, it’s a great time to see what the automotive industry has to offer. Let’s look at why having a job in this field could be in your best interest.


5 Reasons Why an Automotive Career Could Be Perfect For YOU


Generally, people will be happy at their job if they pursue a career centered around a topic they love. So, if you love cars, here’s why you should consider an automotive career:

  1. The automotive industry is always changing. Do you easily get bored when things stay the same for days, months, and years? You won’t have that problem with an automotive career! With today’s advances in technology, vehicles are constantly changing with improvements in body styles, parts manufacturing, and technological features. It’s fun to see what auto manufacturers and designers will come up with next!
  2. There are a variety of jobs available. Many people think of ‘auto mechanic’ as soon as they hear ‘automotive career’. While that IS a very important job, it’s not the only one in the industry. Other options include collision technicians, service advisors, auto parts professionals, auto repair shop owners, and more. Simply decide which aspect you like best – sales, service, repairs, engineering, etc. – and you’ll have a good direction for your career path.
  3. Automotive professionals are in high demand. Did you know that over 90% of all American households have access to at least one vehicle? That means there is plenty of demand for automotive services that sell, repair, and maintain those vehicles. Whether you become an expert mechanic, a car salesman, or owner of a local auto repair shop, everyone with a vehicle needs an automotive professional they can trust.
  4. An automotive career can be financially rewarding. How much you earn depends on the actual career you choose, your location, experience, and any additional training you have. For example, an ASE certified auto mechanic can make 20-30% more than someone without that certification.
  5. There are automotive scholarships available. With education costs constantly rising, you may let the expense of pursuing an automotive career keep you from a job you’ll love. Don’t! There are automotive financial aid and scholarships ready and waiting if you simply look for them.


Start With Your Local Auto Repair Shop


If you’re considering an automotive career, learn more at your local auto repair shop the next time you schedule an appointment for service. Talk to your trusted mechanic or favorite service advisor to see what they like about their jobs, where they went to school, and ask for any helpful tips they have up their sleeves.


One of the best ways to learn about a possible career is to watch the people already doing it. Stop by our shop today and talk to us. You never know … with the right education and training, you could become our next new hire!




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