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7 Common Brake Issues and When to Seek Help From an Auto Repair Shop

by | May 29, 2024

Keeping your vehicle’s braking system in good condition is essential for your safety on the road. Recognizing common brake issues and knowing when to consult an automotive professional can help prevent accidents and expensive repairs.


Here, we’re going to help you identify some of the most common brake problems and educate you about when it’s time to visit an auto repair shop for brake service.


Common Brake Issues You Shouldn’t Ignore

1. Warning Sign: Squeaking or Squealing Noises

Cause: Worn brake pads are the most common cause of squeaking or squealing noises. When the pads wear down, a metal indicator becomes exposed, creating a high-pitched sound as it contacts the rotor.


Solution: Replace the brake pads promptly to avoid damaging the rotors.


2. Warning Sign: Grinding Sounds

Cause: Grinding noises usually indicate that the brake pads are completely worn out, causing the metal of the caliper to grind against the metal of the rotor.


Solution: Immediate replacement of both brake pads and possibly the rotors is necessary. Delay can lead to more extensive and expensive damage.


3. Warning Sign: Vibrations or Pulsations

Cause: Warped rotors can cause vibrations or pulsations when the brakes are applied. This issue often occurs due to excessive heat buildup from heavy braking or extended use.


Solution: Resurfacing or replacing the rotors can resolve this problem. Professional assessment by your trusted mechanic is recommended to ensure proper diagnosis and repair.


4. Warning Sign: Spongy or Soft Brake Pedal

Cause: A spongy or soft brake pedal often indicates air in the brake lines, a brake fluid leak, or worn brake lines.


Solution: If you’re familiar with minor automotive repairs, check for leaks and bleed the brake lines to remove air. If the problem persists or you’re unsure what to do, your trusted mechanic should inspect the entire braking system.


5. Warning Sign: Brake Pedal Goes to the Floor

Cause: This serious brake issue is usually due to a brake fluid leak or a master cylinder failure.


Solution: Immediate professional brake inspection and repair are essential for your driving safety and the safety of others.


6. Warning Sign: Burning Smell While Driving

Cause: A sharp, chemical odor after repeated hard braking or driving down a steep incline might indicate overheated brakes or a stuck caliper.


Solution: Allow the brakes to cool down. If the smell persists, have your vehicle inspected by a professional to make sure you’re not at risk for brake failure.


7. Warning Sign: Car Pulling to One Side When Braking

Cause: Uneven wear on brake pads, a stuck caliper, or issues with brake fluid can cause the car to pull to one side during braking.


Solution: Inspect and replace unevenly worn brake pads or repair the stuck caliper. Professional diagnostics at your local auto repair shop can ensure the correct issue is addressed.


When to Call Your Mechanic About Brake Issues

1. Consistent Warning Signs

If you notice any of the above brake issues consistently, it’s time to schedule an appointment at your auto repair shop. If you keep driving and ignore the warning signs, you may end up with significant damage or even compromise your driving safety.


2. Dashboard Warning Lights Show Up

Modern vehicles are equipped with brake warning lights. If the brake light on your dashboard is illuminated, it’s time to schedule a thorough brake inspection with your local mechanic.


3. Regular Maintenance Checks

Even without noticeable brake issues, regular inspections are highly encouraged. Follow your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule and have your brakes checked periodically by an automotive professional.


4. Post-Accident Inspection

If you’ve been in an accident, no matter how minor, get your brakes inspected. Even slight impacts can cause hidden damage to the braking system.


Prevent Common Brake Issues with Routine Maintenance at Our Tempe Auto Repair Shop

Your vehicle’s braking system is a critical piece of your driving safety. With a good understanding of common brake issues and knowing when to call a mechanic, however, you can ensure your vehicle stays safe and reliable.


At Good Works Auto Repair, we recommend routine brake maintenance at least once per year. This can often help you avoid common brake issues as well as prevent expensive and unexpected repairs or dangerous situations. Simply give us a call or schedule an appointment online today!



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