March 16, 2020

As you know, this Coronavirus pandemic is affecting the world and our community at a very fast rate. The world we live in today is unfortunately the perfect platform for something like this to spread quickly with our advanced forms of public transportation. These transportation methods are now unsafe and many people that rely on these systems are separating themselves for the greater good during their travels.

Because of this, we anticipate more miles traveled by vehicles over the next few months. We are taking this matter very serious at Good Works Auto Repair and safety is our #1 goal, for ourselves and our community. We feel that it is our obligation to intervene and do our part.

To ensure the safety of our customers and our own employees. We will be sanitizing every vehicle before and after service.

  • Precautions we are taking while servicing your vehicle
    • All high contact areas will be disinfected twice.
    • Inner/Outer Door Handles
    • Radio Buttons/Knobs
    • Turn Levers
    • Shift Knob
    • Center Console

Additionally, we will still have hand sanitizer at our entrances and triple the daily scheduled sanitation cleaning of our offices and customer areas.

Should any customer not wish to visit our establishment in person, we will extend our pickup and delivery service to all. You can leave it to us. We will pick your vehicle up and return all while you stay in the confines of your home.

The world needs the awareness and precautions to spread faster than Coronavirus if we plan to beat this, as always we will ensure safety is paramount throughout this time of need.

We thank you all for your service and wish you all health and wellness.

Glen and RaeAnn Hayward,