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Each time you bring your vehicle in for an auto repair or preventative maintenance service, we want to check your vehicle for any other issues free of charge. Why? Because we are here to maintain your vehicle, not repair it. We want to get to the issues ahead of time which will eventually save you time and money down the road.

Do you really need a courtesy check?

Your safety when driving and your vehicle’s longevity matter to us! According to the Car Care Council, 38% of cars have low or dirty engine oil, 58% of cars have low tire pressure, 28% have inadequate cooling protection, 19% need new belts, 16% have dirty air filters and 10% have low or contaminated brake fluid. Without a free courtesy check, you may not know any of these services are needed on your vehicle until a bigger problem exists. These are often the reason for a repair or sign of a bigger issue. The more serious the repair, the more serious the bill in most cases.

What exactly does this free courtesy inspection include?

Every time your vehicle is in our repair shop, we will check (at no charge!) fluid levels, tire wear condition, multi rib belt, engine coolant hoses, the horn, headlights and external lighting systems, windshield wipers, the vehicle’s suspension and the battery condition. Whether you’re here for a minor service or a major repair, it’s all included!

How can you make an appointment?

We’re always here for your preventative maintenance services and with our digital inspection report, you’ll receive a schedule of recommended and urgent vehicle needs or what you need to plan for in the future. Give our shop a call or make an appointment online. We look forward to maintaining your vehicle and providing you with this free courtesy check so you know that your vehicle is safe and no unexpected, expensive car repairs looming in the near future.