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Owner’s Manual vs. Dealership Advice for Vehicle Service

by | Apr 14, 2023

Buying a vehicle is an investment and the best way to protect your investment is with preventative maintenance … but do you get maintenance advice from your owner’s manual or the dealership that sold you your car?

A properly maintained vehicle – even one with high mileage – can end up saving you thousands and thousands of dollars after you’ve paid off the loan. Your vehicle CAN last a long time, but only if you have it routinely serviced and inspected by an experienced auto repair shop.  That means one that has the means and knowledge to maintain vehicles with a lot of miles and a lot of stories to tell!


Where should you turn for advice – owner’s manual or dealership?

You can look up just about anything on the internet these days. But, your vehicle also comes with an owner’s manual which will give you mileage intervals and specific services so you’ll know what’s next for your preventative maintenance appointments.

Dealerships will also offer advice and have you come in for services at specific intervals. You probably don’t want to spend a ton of extra money on routine maintenance you don’t need, but you also want to do enough to maintain your vehicle and prevent major car repairs, right? So whose advice do you follow – the dealership or the owner’s manual?


The owner’s manual was made for your specific brand of vehicle!

Yes – that’s right. People with high mileage vehicles and automotive experts will agree that the owner’s manual was made by the folks who made your vehicle. A dealership sells vehicles, but they may not be experts in the service intervals for your make or model.

The owner’s manual gives you an A-to-Z look at the details about your car, such as when to get the oil changed and when to get the tires rotated. Included in each manual are suggestions about maintenance and troubleshooting, such as what the correct tire pressure is.


Trusted auto repair shops are also important for your vehicle’s health.

Your trusted mechanics here at Good Works Auto Repair know what that manual says and we will also recommend just what your vehicle needs based on our expertise and experience. We will always recommend that you do the following things to get the most miles out of your vehicle and your investment in it:


  1. Stick to the service interval schedule. During an inspection, a qualified technician will check your tires, fluid levels, belts, lights, windshield wipers, battery, hoses, and more. As the driver or the owner, you can also help avoid major issues. If you notice strange smells and sounds coming from your car even when your vehicle isn’t due for routine maintenance, call us for an appointment right away!
  2. Get the oil changed when you’re supposed to. Regularly scheduled oil changes are important for maintaining a healthy engine. Oil changes keep an engine’s parts well-coated and protected against potentially damaging heat and friction. When your vehicle has high mileage, regular oil changes are especially important!
  3. Check the tire pressure. Routine checks and monitoring by both you and a repair shop can help avoid tire issues. Not only do properly inflated tires help them to last longer, your car will drive better, you’ll get better fuel economy and you’ll be safer!
  4. Keep your vehicle clean. Sure, it’ll make it look nicer inside and out, but a clean vehicle is actually a healthier vehicle. According to Consumer Reports, washing and waxing your car regularly protects the paint and fights rust, while vacuuming dirt and sand out of carpets and seats can minimize tears and holes.


Get expert auto repairs and maintenance in Tempe, AZ

Come on in for your next appointment and let’s see what your vehicle needs. We’re happy to help you regularly maintain your vehicle and look forward to adding your vehicle to our high mileage family! Simply schedule an appointment with us today!



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