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Whether you’re driving 25 mph or 65 mph, if your brakes aren’t working properly, your safety and the safety of everyone else on the road is at risk. There are some systems of your vehicle that work to make it run, but there are also systems that make your vehicle safe and THESE are NOT the parts to ignore. Now is the perfect time to allow our repair technicians to check out the condition of your brakes and everything related to them.

At the first sign of an issue with your brakes, you need to get to a trusted auto repair shop to look into things. The signs come in all sounds and feels – everything from vibrating and screeching to grinding and growling. This could mean something small – or something major is going on and your vehicle is at serious risk. Don’t put off brake work and end up unable to stop at all!

About once a year, we encourage you to come see us so that we can inspect your brakes.  A full brake inspection should include a thorough check of your brake lining wear, brake fluid level, rotor thickness, the condition of hoses and brake lines, brake and dash warning lights, as well as taking the car for a test drive to detect other potential brake system problems. That’s EXACTLY what you’ll get here. We want to alert you to any issues we find or recommendations for service BEFORE it’s too late.

Unfortunately, for many vehicle owners, maintaining their brakes is something that is often overlooked or forgotten for a long time until something goes wrong. By keeping your brakes properly calibrated and in good working condition with the help of some preventative maintenance and your local repair shop, you can avoid costly repairs in the future and even more importantly – a collision!