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There are few things more frustrating in life than a vehicle that won’t start when you need it to. Most people have experienced this at one point in their driving lifetime or another. It may have been the battery, but in some cases, it may have been your starter. Where were you the last time your vehicle didn’t start? Preventative maintenance

In vehicles today, the starter can be found in the rear of the motor, where a gear on the starter aligns with the vehicle’s flywheel to begin the ignition process. Once the engine turns over, fuel is introduced to the combustion chamber and is ignited thanks to the ignition system being activated. When this process works correctly, your engine comes to life. But when your starter becomes worn out, or is broken, your vehicle will have a hard time starting.

Luckily, there are some things you can watch for to make sure your car starter doesn’t surprise you by failing suddenly. We know how much you rely on your vehicle to get to work, and get to the places you need to go with your family and friends. Our trusted auto repair shop is prepared to help diagnose and repair faulty car starters that are costing you money, time and frustration. How will you know if your starter is at the root of the problem?

  • The engine won’t turn over – you turn your key and nothing happens. This is always what happens with a dead battery. If the battery is not to blame, this situation is often caused by the starter solenoid or motor that has burnt out or is experiencing an electrical issue.
  • The starter engages but it doesn’t spin the motor – meaning you could have a mechanical issue with your starter.
  • A grinding noise when trying to start the motor is often a warning sign that the gears which connect to your flywheel are worn out.
  • You see or smell smoke when starting your motor – the starter is a mechanical system that is powered by electricity. Sometimes the starter will overheat because of continued power being supplied to the starter or the starter motor will not shut off after the car’s engine has ignited. You’ll need to contact a trusted mechanic if you have a short circuit, blown fuse or problem with the ignition switch.

For problems with your car starter, trust in the experience and expertise of our auto repair shop. We work quickly to get your starter repaired so it will once again be reliable and you aren’t left stranded, wondering why your vehicle won’t start. Contact our shop today for an appointment. We’re ready to help!