This Holiday Season Let’s Remember Small Business Saturday

by | Nov 23, 2022

Wedged in between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is our favorite shopping holiday,Β Small Business Saturday. Introduced byΒ American Express back in 2010, it is the one day a year when we eschew the overcrowded, large box stores and steer clear from the behemoth online retailers, and instead spend our hard-earned dollars to support our local shops and business owners.

And while some naysayers may think this means less selection, lower inventory, and higher prices – we think it is exactly the opposite.

With overΒ 550,000 small businesses in ArizonaΒ alone, Arizona’s army of small businesses provide more options, superior quality, and better deals than any conglomerate ever could.

The intent of Small Business Saturday is to encourage consumers to shop at small, locally-owned businesses (including retail stores, restaurants, bars, grocery stores, and even service-based businesses such as Good Works Auto Repair). It also extends to small businesses that exist solely online!

Spending your hard-earned money at a local, small business ensures your revenue stays in the state where you live, enriches your local economy, helps your neighbors thrive, and provides you with quality products and services from people you know and trust.

And best of all, it’s like shopping with a good friend.

At Good Works Auto Repair, we are proud to be your local, family-owned auto repair shop in the Tempe area. But did you know we don’t just support you?

We also provide repair services to small businesses with our local fleet account services and repair. Because at Good Works Auto Repair, we help our neighbors in the business community thrive. We provide small businesses with priority scheduling and rapid turnaround for their fleet services or repairs.


Because if their fleet is operating smoothly, then they can serve YOUR needs better and faster. When it comes to running a small business, even one vehicle down can be a serious issue.

OurΒ fleet repair servicesΒ help our neighborhood of small business owners stay open and fully operational – so they can provide services and goods to people just like you. We are proud to help other small business owners thrive and do our part to help the local economy.

So this holiday season, when you shop, we ask that you do your part to #ShopSmall and shop locally. Not just on Small Business Saturday but on any given day of the year. Spend your dollars where you live and spend your time shopping with the people who know you best.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season, and stop in to see us soon!



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