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Tips to Avoid Overpaying for Car Repairs

by | Jan 27, 2014

Knowledge opens doors. It can also save you money. Knowing how to choose a good mechanic, what questions to ask, as well as knowing your consumer rights could save you a lot of money when it comes to your car repairs. Cultivating a good relationship with a trusted auto repair shop can give you the confidence that you are getting your money’s worth while not overpaying for services or parts that are not necessary. While most auto repair shops are not out to scam consumers, some do take advantage and seek to find ways to have their customers spend extra money on unnecessary services and inflated repair costs. With the current average repair cost now exceeding $330, maybe we are reaching too deep into our pockets.

A recent article from Fox Business News discusses personal finance and some ways to avoid overpaying for car repairs. According to a March survey of 2,128 adults from, the San Francisco auto repair website found that 72% of consumers who own or lease a car said the cost of auto repairs makes them anxious, while 38% worried that they cannot trust the mechanic. Trust is what it is all about and choosing the right repair shop starts with asking for recommendations, comparing services, checking reviews and prices online, and looking for local affiliations.

Individuals are holding onto their vehicles much longer these days, meaning that certain repairs are imminent. In order to avoid those places which try to get you to purchase extra services or “fix things” that aren’t broken, we’ve put together some recommendations for consumers to avoid common repair cost pitfalls:

  • Read your car owner’s manual and know when and what services are due. Whether it is for maintenance or repairs, you need to know what to expect from your vehicle.
  • Be prepared to discuss potential problems and give details to your technician to keep it from being a guessing game which can lead to more time and more money. The worst thing you can do is discuss a possible mechanical problem without any idea of what’s wrong. It is never good when the mechanic knows you are clueless.
  • Use the Internet to research and compare prices for the same repairs. Check online to ensure you are getting a fair price before moving forward.
  • Get a second opinion for car repairs to see if prices vary. Many mechanics charge a diagnostic fee, so make sure to inquire about that when shopping around.
  • Have the mechanic show you the parts in question to see for yourself their condition. It will also diminish the chances that the mechanic is going to rip you off.

To read more from this article, click here. It can give you the tools to help you find your own trusted auto repair shop and give you the assurance you need to make an appointment with us.

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