Unusual Vibrations Could Mean a Wheel Alignment Issue

by | Feb 17, 2023

Knowing what is normal when it comes to how your vehicle feels, smells and looks is important. So is making sure you have a trusted auto repair shop that you can turn to when you notice unusual vibrations when you’re driving, or a pulling to the left or the right. (Hint: If you notice either of these signs, your vehicle could be due for a wheel alignment service.)

Preventative maintenance and routine tune-ups are important, but so is knowing when it is time for a vehicle service due to an actual issue. One vehicle component that people often neglect is tires. We could take them for granted or forget to monitor their condition – sometimes because we dread having to buy new tires. But avoiding the cost of new tires by avoiding necessary tire services could actually mean even more money down the road!


Key benefits of wheel alignment and tire rotationΒ 

Your vehicle’s tires are important for both riding safety and comfort. When you schedule regular wheel alignments and tire rotations, these are the benefits you’ll notice:

  • It’ll be a smooth ride. When your tires have uneven wear, the ride may be bumpy. Even tread on each tire due to routine tire rotations and alignment servicesΒ  will mean a much smoother ride.Β 
  • They’re safer. Tires are a safety feature on your vehicle. Misalignment or tire imbalance can be risky. Not only are they more likely to cause vibrations, uneven wear could just diminish the quality and performance.Β 
  • Your tires will last longer. Tire rotation and tire alignment prolong tire life and these services also can preserve your vehicle’s suspension. In contrast, vibration due to uneven tire wear can also wear on your suspension.Β 


What are the signs that you need a wheel alignment service?

We get asked this question a lot. Some of the most common signs we recommend that you watch for are:

  • You hear squealing or noises from your tires
  • Your car is pulling to either side as you’re driving
  • You notice uneven tire wearΒ 
  • You feel unusual vibrations while drivingΒ 


We recommend a tire alignment service about every 6 months, before (or sometimes after) a road trip or immediately after you hit something significant that could cause tire or suspension damage.Β 

Proper wheel alignment is key to tire wear, driving comfort and safety, and fuel efficiency. It is common to experience normal tire wear, miss that deep pothole while driving, accidentally cut the corner and hit the curb and so on. We cannot stress enough the importance of alignment – we want to help you get the most out of your tires, avoid tire damage, and keep your vehicle handling properly.Β 


Professional tire service in Tempe, AZ

Your tires work hard enough. Worn tires have to deal with extra resistance between the tire and the road surface. That means unsafe tires, uneven wear and the chance of having to replace tires earlier than you should need … more money again! Factor in poor fuel efficiency and now you’re really digging into your pockets!Β 

Rather than risking issues down the road, give us a call and schedule your appointment for tire rotation or wheel alignment. Let’s inspect, maintain and take good care of your tires so you’re safer, driving more comfortably and saving money.Β 



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