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wheel alignmentMany factors affect the everyday functioning and overall longevity of your vehicle, including proper wheel alignment.  In fact, wheel alignments affect other things as well: fuel efficiency, steering safety, and tire performance to name a few.  Read on to find out why we believe a wheel alignment is not a service to skip.

Why is wheel alignment so important?

Today’s vehicles are instruments of precision.  When all of the parts are in the proper working condition, we experience a great ride; not only in terms of function, but also in terms of comfort.  With proper wheel alignment, for example, the vehicle is easily maneuvered, providing a smooth ride. When wheels are out of alignment, however, 3 key areas are affected.

  1. Safety– Misaligned wheels affect the steering of the vehicle because they can pull to the left or the right. This makes the driver less in control of where the car is headed.
  2. Tire Life- Wheels that are out of alignment cause tires to wear differently and at different rates. This leads to needing tire replacement more frequently and therefore costs more money.
  3. Comfort- When a wheel alignment is needed, it can often be felt inside the car, even if it’s not visible from the outside. Tires that have worn unevenly can cause uncomfortable vibrations in the steering wheel and a pulling to the left or the right.

When is it time to get a wheel alignment?

Although there isn’t an exact time when every car should have a wheel alignment done, here are a few signs that it’s time to get your vehicle scheduled for one:

  1. When driving, the steering wheel pulls to the left or the right.
  2. The steering wheel vibrates.
  3. Tires show signs of uneven wear.
  4. You have a new set of tires installed.

Leave it to the experts

Every vehicle is different and it’s important to have yours serviced by a trusted repair shop that knows your particular make and model.  At Good Works Auto Repair, we have professional technicians who are trained in wheel alignments and many other important services.  Let us help you keep your vehicle running safely and smoothly for as long as possible.