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Hybrid Repair

Hybrid Repair in Tempe & Mesa

hybrid auto repairs

Your hybrid is not just any car. It’s special – it’s a hybrid. That doesn’t mean that its maintenance and repair needs to be difficult or expensive, it just needs to be specifically tailored to your car. That’s why Good Works Auto Repair brings you specialized hybrid auto services – just one more way that we guarantee that your car, whether it’s a hybrid or a not, receives the care it needs to stay just as reliable and green as the day you bought it.

Hybrid Maintenance

Good Works Auto Repair is committed to vehicle maintenance. We use OE parts and fluids and follow your vehicle’s prescribed service schedule. Some of our more common hybrid maintenance services include:

  • Comprehensive State of Health High Voltage Diagnostics
  • High voltage cable inspection and repair
  • Hybrid liquid cooling system flush
  • Transmission fluid flush
  • Confirming start-up and idle-off faculties
  • Inspection of belts, hoses, wiring, throttle body, and fluid levels
  • Inspection of seals, cooling system components, suspension, power train, wiring, and exhaust
  • Hybrid oil changes
  • Tire rotations and inspections
  • Brake inspections and parking brake adjustments

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Hybrid Auto Repair

Hybrids have been proven to be extremely robust, but there will come a time when your hybrid car needs a little extra care. Good Works Auto Repair goes to great lengths to make sure our Hybrid Automotive Technicians have the most current training, the latest hybrid-specific information systems, and specialized hybrid diagnostic and service tools.

    Some of our more common hybrid car repairs include:

    • High Voltage Battery Cable Repair / Replacement
    • Hybrid Battery Filter Element Replacement
    • Hybrid Air Conditioning System Repair
    • Check Engine Light Diagnostics and Repair
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