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5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Car’s Performance

by | May 4, 2022

Thanks to today’s high new car prices and a shortage of used cars available for purchase, more people are choosing to hang onto the vehicle they already have. But, how can you improve your car’s performance so you get the most out of it and also help it to last longer? We’re glad you asked!


5 Affordable Ways to Improve Your Car’s Performance


Here are 5 simple ways you can maximize your vehicle’s performance while also saving yourself some money on gas or auto repairs.


#1: Get rid of the junk in the trunk.

For the most part, many people are good about keeping their cars neat and clean, including washing the exterior. But, how about those golf clubs you’ve left in the trunk in the hopes you could squeeze in a few holes after work? Or, maybe you’ve been carrying around some extra tools from that project you completed at your mother-in-law’s last weekend.


It’s easy to let extra things pile up inside your car without even realizing it. Instead, make an effort to keep things cleaned out, other than any necessary emergency items you want to keep on hand. This is an absolutely FREE way to improve your car’s performance and it may even improve your gas mileage. Cha-ching!


#2: Replace your vehicle’s air filter.

Imagine trying to breathe through a dirty cloth while you’re running up a hill carrying a heavy backpack. That’s exactly what it’s like when your vehicle has a dirty air filter and you’re requiring it to take your family on a road trip or simply drive around town to do errands. A clean air filter helps improve your car’s performance by giving it the airflow it needs to run smoothly and efficiently.


#3: Use the right tires.

Have you ever wondered what the numbers on your tires mean? In short, they tell you everything from the size of the tire to how much weight they can safely carry. There’s also a sticker inside the driver’s door that tells you the ideal pressure to which your tires should be inflated. Using the right tires for your vehicle AND having them properly inflated is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to improve your car’s performance. It can also help you get the best gas mileage – something we’re all interested in with today’s high gas prices!


#4: Follow the manufacturer’s recommended preventative maintenance schedule.

You may be accustomed to going to see your doctor for a yearly physical or checkup. By doing so, your healthcare professional is able to identify potential problems before they become a bigger deal. The same is true with vehicle care.


When you follow the preventative maintenance schedule recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer, small problems can be caught and dealt with before they become bigger, more expensive and more inconvenient repairs. Plus, routine maintenance items like oil changes and tire rotations can improve your car’s performance and help you get more from your ride.


#5: Service your vehicle at a reputable auto repair shop.

From dealerships and national chains to independently owned local auto repair shops, you have a choice about where you take your vehicle for repairs and maintenance. Where is the best place to go? Well, you should go where you feel the most comfortable in terms of the services provided as well as the treatment you receive.


You should be able to trust your mechanic to point you in the right direction to improve your car’s performance, not just the shop’s bottom line. If you feel pressured into doing any repair or maintenance item, it’s time to find a new mechanic or auto repair shop. Ideally, you want to do business with an honest mechanic who will give you his or her professional opinion but let you decide what makes the most sense for your car, your lifestyle, and your budget.


Affordable Auto Repairs and Maintenance in Tempe, AZ


At Good Works Auto Repair, our motto is ‘We advise but YOU decide.’ That means that we’ll give you our professional opinion about what your vehicle needs, when it needs it, and how much it will cost. Then, YOU can decide what repair and maintenance items you want to have done and when.


Are you ready to improve your car’s performance and keep your ride running smoothly? We are! Simply give us a call or schedule an appointment online today!



And experience QUALITY auto service backed by a 5 year / 60,000 mile warranty! Call 480-894-0018 or

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Good Works Auto Repair in Tempe offers financing and allows you to make payments on your car repairs.

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