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Exploring the Highways: Unraveling Valley Freeway Nicknames

by | Jan 31, 2024

Newcomers to the Phoenix, AZ area are often glued to their GPS devices, trying to learn how to navigate the valley freeways that weave through cityscapes and desert vistas. Listening to your GPS, you’ll hear highway names like I-17, I-10, State Route 51, and more. But driving with the locals? You’re more likely to hear something along the lines of “Sorry I’m late … I got stuck at the Broadway Curve!” Valley Freeway Nicknames can be confusing, especially to newcomers.


The truth is, the greater Phoenix area is full of freeway nicknames. While they make perfect sense to drivers who’ve been around a while, they could be a little confusing to those who don’t know the area so well. Today, we’ll walk you through a few of the most common valley freeway nicknames so you can drive like a local and know where you’re going while you’re at it!


6 Valley Freeway Nicknames and Where They Came From


1. The Maricopa Freeway (I-17, I-10, and Loop 202)

  • Nickname: The Stack
  • Why the Nickname: Where I-10 and I-17 meet, forming a stack-like interchange, locals commonly refer to this complex network of ramps and overpasses as “The Stack.” It’s a critical juncture in the Phoenix highway system.

2. The Intersection of I-17 and Loop 101

  • Nickname: The North Stack
  • Why the Nickname: This is a four-level, stack-like interchange that is located north of Bell Road and “The Stack”, hence its name.

3. The Intersection of The Papago Freeway (I-10), State Route 51, and Loop 202

  • Nickname: The Mini-Stack
  • Why the Nickname: We’re not exactly sure where the “mini” part of the nickname came from, but perhaps it was just to differentiate it from the other “stacks” in the area. This one is another four-level interchange, located east of “The Stack” and at the juncture of I-10, State Route 51, and Loop 202.

4. I-10 near the Tempe-Phoenix border

  • Nickname: Broadway Curve
  • Why the Nickname: Aptly named for its location near Broadway Road, this sharp curve often presents a bottle-neck for motorists passing through the area at rush hour.

5. US Highway 60

  • Nickname: The Superstition Speedway
  • Why the Nickname: Named after the nearby Superstition Mountains, US 60 offers a scenic drive and a direct route to the stunning Apache Trail (the perfect road trip destination). The “Speedway” part of this valley freeway nickname refers to the route’s fast-paced nature and the captivating landscapes it traverses.

6. Intersection of US 60 With the Northern and Southern Parts of Loop 202

  • Nickname: SuperRedTan
  • Why the Nickname: To completely understand where this valley freeway nickname comes from, you have to be familiar with other nicknames for the roads that intersect here. US 60 is also referred to as the Superstition Speedway, as we already mentioned. The northern part of Loop 202 is known as Red Mountain and the southern part of Loop 202 is commonly referred to as the SanTan. Combine parts of each name and you get SuperRedTan.


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