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GWAR and ATI: Creating the Best Auto Repair Shop in Tempe Together

by | Apr 24, 2024

Many of our customers already believe that Good Works Auto Repair is the best auto repair shop in Tempe. That’s because we have some of the top automotive technicians in the Phoenix area, provide exceptional customer service, and stand behind our work with a 5 year/60,000 mile warranty.


But even though we’re already a top Tempe auto repair shop, how can we grow our business so it will continue to provide Tempe area residents with top quality auto repair and maintenance services for years to come? For us, it comes down to partnering with the right people and organizations.


As any shop owner can attest, running an auto repair shop can be both rewarding and challenging. With the ever-evolving automotive industry and the increasing demands of customers, staying ahead of the curve is essential for growth and success. That’s where membership in the Automotive Training Institute (ATI) comes into play.


In recent years, we’ve partnered with ATI in an effort to become better business owners and to deliver exceptional customer service. Here, we’ll explain exactly what our membership with the Automotive Training Institute means to us as well as YOU, our valued customers.


5 Ways ATI Helps GWAR Be the Best Auto Repair Shop in Tempe


1. Acquiring and retaining the best automotive technicians

From the moment you step into our auto repair shop, we treat you like family. Our experienced service advisors care about your vehicle almost as much as you do. That’s why they work closely with you to determine exactly what your current repair or maintenance needs are. They also recommend future services so you’re aware of them in advance and can budget accordingly.


But behind the scenes are some heroes that often don’t get enough credit – your trusted mechanics. Using some of ATI’s recruiting and retention strategies, we’ve been able to acquire and retain some of the best automotive technicians in the Phoenix area. What that means for YOU is that some very qualified individuals are servicing your vehicle. They’re committed to high quality work and doing it right the first time, so you can leave our shop and hit the road safely and confidently.


2. Improve cash flow and profitability

ATI has played an integral role in helping us identify ways to grow our business and increase profitability. At first glance, this might seem like only a benefit for US. Being a profitable auto repair shop, however, also offers significant benefits for YOU as a customer.


First, having a profitable business means we can actually STAY in business and help support the Tempe community. It also means we can afford to pay our staff competitive wages, leading to increased employee retention and happier employees overall. Employees who are compensated fairly and love what they do pay it forward by providing the best customer service and that’s where YOU win!


Making a profit also gives us the capital needed to reinvest in our company with ongoing staff training and the latest in automotive tools and technology. All of this combined means we can serve you AND your vehicle better.


3. Enhanced marketing strategies for the digital age in which we live

How do customers from all over the greater Phoenix area know about the best auto repair shop in Tempe? Often, it’s through word of mouth with one satisfied customer recommending our shop to another friend or family member. But ATI has also helped us grow our business and reach more people with proven marketing strategies that work in today’s digital age.


What does that mean for you? Well, if you haven’t yet become one of our customers, there’s a good chance you could hear about our exceptional services through our online advertising, social media presence, or via our Underneath the Hood With Glen video series. These are all ways we educate and inform Tempe area vehicle owners. It’s also how we provide automotive maintenance tips and car care specials so you can save money and protect your investment. The more vehicles we service, the safer the roads will be in the Tempe area!


4. Planning for the future and continuing the best auto repair shop in Tempe

At Good Works Auto Repair, we don’t want to just be the best auto repair shop in Tempe NOW. We also want to make sure our business is around long after our current owners, Glen and RaeAnn, have retired.


From financial management to leadership development, ATI has given us the knowledge and tools needed to run a successful business. That means we’re constantly investing in the tools and people that will help us continue to grow and thrive in a competitive market for years to come.


5. Enhanced customer service and satisfaction

By implementing ATI’s proven strategies and best practices, we’ve been able to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and enhance our customers’ overall experience. And thanks to a firm belief in transparent communication, quality workmanship, and personalized service, we’re able to build trust, loyalty, and long-lasting relationships with our customers.


ATI Conference


Experience the Best Auto Repair Shop in Tempe For Yourself!

If you’re looking for an honest repair shop where staff and technicians treat you like family, you’ve found it here at Good Works Auto Repair! Our high quality work and exceptional customer service have already won us the distinction of being one of the top 3 auto repair shops in Tempe. But we’re not stopping there! We’re committed to our mission of building relationships and delivering an exceptional service experience, one repair at a time.


Schedule an appointment with us today and see what service from the best auto repair shop in Tempe feels like!



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