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It’s officially spring, and you know what that means. Time for spring cleaning! While you’re at it, don’t forget about your car. After all, April also brings National Car Care Month. No, it’s not the only time you should care for your car. But, it IS a great time to give your vehicle a little extra TLC, especially if you’ve been putting off some maintenance items over the winter.


Have you been neglecting preventative maintenance?

When you’re sick, you probably go to the doctor. And, they might even tell you that you could’ve prevented the sickness by following a better health care regimen. The same is true with cars.


When your vehicle breaks down, you bring it to your local auto repair shop to get it fixed. But, what if some of those break downs could be prevented? You could definitely save yourself some frustration (i.e. being stranded on the side of the road and having to call a tow truck). And, you can often save money on more expensive repairs by taking care of the little things before they become big problems.


It all boils down to knowing what preventative maintenance items are recommended for your vehicle and following a regular maintenance schedule. For a specific list of items to pay attention to, check out our preventative maintenance checklist.


Road trip readiness

Typically, the arrival of spring also has people anxious to get out of the house and enjoy the nicer weather. That often means road trips. If you’ve been staying at home or just traveling around town all winter, your vehicle may not be ready when you are. Car care month is a perfect time to remedy that.


Rather than going on a road trip when YOU feel like it, it’s best to make sure your car has had a full inspection first. After all, what fun is a road trip if you end up spending your time stuck beside the road? That’s probably NOT what you envisioned when you decided to get out of the house. Instead, follow our road trip readiness checklist and you’ll be better equipped to have a fun, relaxing, and enjoyable drive.


Extreme weather preparedness

Living in Arizona comes with its perks (like fairly nice weather all year long). It also comes with some extreme weather conditions. People have learned to adapt in different ways to the extreme heat, monsoon rains, or dust storms. But, these weather conditions can have a serious effect on your vehicle and YOU have to be the one to do something about it.


Car Care Month is a great time to focus on getting your vehicle ready for THIS year’s extreme weather. Summer heat is just around the corner, so follow these hot car care tips to make sure your vehicle is completely prepared. That includes inspecting your car battery and making sure it’s ready to handle the heat as well. Lastly, are you and your vehicle prepared for dust storms?


Improving gas mileage

If you’ve just been making short trips for the last few months, you may not have paid much attention to the gas mileage your vehicle has been getting. When you take it out on the open road, though, you’ll sit up and take notice. Poor gas mileage can take a toll on your wallet and cut into your road trip budget. But, there are things you can do NOW to prevent that from happening. Read 5 Easy Ways to Improve Gas Mileage to get a jump start on some money-saving tips THIS month!


So there you have it … your homework has been laid out for you! Use Car Care Month as an excuse to get caught up on your vehicle maintenance and you’ll be ready to hit the road when the opportunity arises. Give us a call and schedule an appointment so we can help you get your vehicle ready for the driving season!

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