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Proper Child Restraints in Vehicles Can Save Lives!

by | May 11, 2023

Did you know that around 43% of children that die from car accidents do so because they weren’t properly restrained? Sometimes, the only good thing that comes from a very unfortunate situation is the possibility that the story will help prevent it from happening to someone else. That’s exactly why we’re sharing with you today the top reasons why proper child restraints in vehicles are so important.

In 2022, a child died in Virginia after being run over by the vehicle she was seated in – unrestrained. When the door was opened by another passenger, the young child fell out of the vehicle. According to the news reports, the police said the driver “immediately got out of the vehicle while the SUV’s transmission was still in drive, causing it to roll over the child.” This is an unfortunate situation that could have clearly been prevented from the start.

The Evidence is Clear: Proper Child Restraints Can Save Lives

The bottom line is that consistent and correct use of proper child restraints in vehicles reduces the risk of injury and death. This includes car seats, booster seats and so on!

According to the Journal of Pediatrics, almost 50% of children are put at risk from negligence just on this topic alone. It has been estimated that 95% of families install their newborn’s seat incorrectly and up to 75% face their baby’s car seat in the incorrect direction. Their report showed various factors that increase the chance of death of a child in a car accident based on data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The report looked at 18,116 children under the age of 15 that were involved in fatal car crashes from 2010 – 2014. Of those 18,116 children, around 16% of them died in a car crash. 43% of those children who died were improperly restrained or not retained at all.

Arizona Car Accident Trends Need to Change

Arizona also saw a 1% increase in fatal crashes in 2018 when compared to 2017. Furthermore, in 2018 alone, 3,134 children under the age of 14 had serious injuries in motor vehicle crashes. Of those, 34 ended in death and the crashes cost the state around $19 billion, nothing close to what those lives were worth saving.

We urge all parents to take the time to install car seats correctly and to use proper child restraints in vehicles – they CAN save lives!

  • Start by knowing the laws and regulations – what seat your child should be using now as well as when to change to a different seat. This is so important!
  • Have a local law enforcement officer or a certified car seat installer check to see if you are using the proper restraints and if they’re installed correctly.
  • Recycle old or expired car seats or those that have been in accidents.

We hope this reminder helps in some small (or big) way. At Good Works Auto Repair, our automotive experts are always here to answer any of your vehicle related questions and can help guide you in the right direction. Our goal is to help keep your vehicle safe and running properly so you can focus on these types of things for your family!



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