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Fuel Injector ServiceFuel systems aren’t the most common auto repair or service that people come see us for, but they are certainly an important one. Your fuel system needs to be working properly so you get the most out of your vehicle.

Your engine requires fuel to run, but when your fuel system isn’t working properly, your vehicle will struggle, and you’ll probably notice it – IF you know what to look for, that is.

Anything that might affect the flow of fuel to the engine is going to result in decreased performance or, at worst, cause your engine not to run at all.  Fuel system repairs can vary in their severity and cost. Sometimes, one little part could be causing an issue and other times it could be something much more serious.

By properly maintaining your fuel system or bringing us your vehicle at the first signs of an issue will help ensure your vehicle stays running smoothly. Faulty fuel pumps or fuel filters are two of the most common things we see here at our repair shop.

Here are a couple of common things to listen for, or pay attention to. if you think something seems wrong. Our mechanics and repair technicians are prepared to help with any of your fuel system needs.

Symptoms of a faulty fuel pump

Some of the obvious symptoms include a loud electrical clicking or whining noise when the engine is running even at idle. If the starter motor works normally, but the engine is difficult to start, especially for the first time of the day, the pump may be struggling to get enough fuel to the engine. Experiencing any misfires or sudden decreases in power while driving can be another indication that the fuel pump is not functioning correctly.

Symptoms of a faulty fuel filter

If you experience a lack of responsiveness from the engine or a hesitation when you apply the throttle it could be caused by the filter restricting the correct amount of fuel reaching the injection system. If there is a lack of filtration and a severe clog, your engine may stall often or struggle to maintain an idle state.

It’s nothing to wait on and it’s nothing to ignore. Your engine is the most important part of your vehicle’s working system. At the first signs of an issue, let us take a look. It could save you from some MAJOR and costly repairs down the road.