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Women in the Auto Repair Industry: What’s Driving the Change?

by | Jul 21, 2023

It wasn’t so many years ago when seeing women in the auto repair industry was pretty much unheard of. But what has often been seen as a male-dominated field is now becoming more open to females as well.

Today, we’ll take a closer look at what’s causing the shift that’s allowing more females to feel comfortable in this important field. Then, we’ll look at the types of occupations that women in the auto repair industry can expect to have.

Why are the numbers of women in the automotive industry increasing?

An overall change in perception is perhaps the single most driving force behind more women now choosing to pursue an automotive-related occupation. As more women have entered the field, there’s been a gradual mindset shift surrounding their presence. And even more than that, they’ve proven to be valuable assets by bringing different ideas, perspectives, and problem-solving approaches to what was once a male-dominated industry. Let’s look at a few other factors that are driving significant change.

4 major factors contributing to an increase in the number of women in the auto repair industry

1. There is now increased representation, advocacy, and support for women in the auto repair industry.

Now that we’re past the pioneering stage of women entering the automotive industry, there are more women to advocate for and support other females choosing to pursue an automotive career. There are also organizations that specifically encourage women to enter the auto repair industry and provide resources and networking experiences that help them do just that.

2. Women have automotive skills and expertise comparable to their male colleagues.

Over time, women have consistently shown that they’re capable of becoming skilled and knowledgeable professionals in the automotive industry. Furthermore, they’re able to participate in hands-on training opportunities and receive formal education in the field, exactly the same as their male peers.

3. Female customers often prefer to work with female automotive professionals.

Some customers, especially women, prefer to work with a female mechanic, service advisor, or salesperson. This has led to an increased demand for female workers in the automotive industry. It has also created opportunities for them to excel in the field.

4. A focus on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) in schools encourages more women to pursue STEM-related careers.

Today’s vehicles are more like computers on wheels. As such, they need technical-minded people to diagnose and fix problems and even develop new technology. As more women pursue STEM careers, their success encourages other females to follow in their footsteps and consider technical careers in the automotive industry.

What types of careers can women have in the auto repair industry?

The simplest answer to this question is this … Women can have any of the same automotive careers as men do!

This list includes, but is not limited to, the following careers:

  • Automotive technician (aka your trusted mechanic!)
  • Auto repair service advisor
  • Auto repair shop owner, business manager, or finance manager
  • Tow truck driver
  • Roadside assistance operator
  • Automotive designer
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Service manager
  • Auto parts specialist

Truthfully, there’s no limit to what women can do in the auto repair industry. And, they’re just getting started!

Automotive careers and job openings in Tempe, AZ

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